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About our Company

Our mission is to reliability supply our customers with innovative cost effective consistent gumbases and value added services providing.Our aim is to satisfy our customers.In addition Hi-Tech GumBase Import, Export Company supplies the highest quality
Ingredients for the manufacturing of Chewing gum and Bubble gum base.

We look forward to continued growth and developing new business relation ship.We offers a broad selection of gumbase varities to meet the needs of our customers and the preference of our consumers.
Gumbase solution
Food grade synthetic rubber
Ester gum
Food grade wax
And any other solution of synthetic rubber like PIB.
Raw material of Fruit jelly
Jelly cups
Jelly powder
Jelly filling and Sealing machine

Ready Gumbases
Wafer Stick and Pillow Wafer(Bytes) Machine.
Mobile and Fruit Shape Jelly Filling machine.

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